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The traveller’s storytelling

The traveller’s storytelling

on Thursday, April 27, 2017 in Blog | 0 comments

Every morning, when entering the office building, I find the doorman chatting with his fellow doorman. The fellow doorman is always telling a story. His stories – always about places (seen on television, for what I can tell) are passionate, detailed and interesting. He is a native storyteller and his audience (our doorman) listens to him without blinking.

Years ago, there was a famous Romanian commercial in which one slaughter house worker was narrating the other the entire Star Wars (it was for some TV brand, cannot remember). The punch line was memorable, so was the entire dialogue. I still remember it, it was good storytelling.

Do you know those people that travelled the entire world and are not capable of sharing anything about the amazing places they’ve seen? I once met a person who – when for a Romanian was financially difficult to visit another country – has been to London. The emotion I felt when the person returned and I got to ask: “so, how is London?” The answer I got was amazing: “You know, nothing special.” I will never forget, years later, when I set foot in the British capital, my astonishment and surprise: of course, everything is different. They drive on the other side of the road, for Pete’s sake!

For travellers, the story behind it is a strong argument to visit a place, to taste a food or to try a new adventure. There are always stories behind delightful holidays and amazing adventures. At love2wander, we tell those stories. We also inspire you to travel with us, so that you have your own stories to share.

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