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You will find here stories about beautiful places worth discovering, savours worth trying and tours worth starting. You will find here details on how to travel with light luggage, have amazing road trips at decent prices and experience the ‘native’ way of visiting a new city.

I travel on budget, but comfortable. I like my hotel rooms clean, my food delicious and my friends open minded. I love architecture, museums, concerts and street art. I am a happy and curious wanderer. According to TripAdvisor,  I have travelled by now 113.552 km, 23 countries, 179 cities and 16% of the world.

I’m a traveller, not a tourist. Nice meeting you!
I am the Editor-in-Chief

I am the Editor-in-Chief

My name is Valentina Olariu, I am a journalist and a digital communication strategist living Barcelona (Spain).

  • I enjoy new places and the people inhabiting them, I like to mingle and to listen to stories.
  • I use maps to get around the cities I visit, I extensively research the internet before making any reservations (for hotels and cars, basically), I go to where the inspiration takes me (and to where the plane tickets are cheap).
  • I take pictures with my phone as I’m too concentrated on the travelling experience to have the patience to use a camera.
  • I prefer to travel where I have friends in order to escape the marketing traps for tourists.
  • I ask young people on the street or hotel clerks where they eat, not where should I eat. This helps me get the real feeling of a place. And I love to feel that, I cannot live without it.
  • I am neither disciplined when travelling or capable to follow a plan; I don’t mind missing important sights as long as I get a wonderful experience from wandering around.
  • English is not my native language, but Romanian.

If you feel like writing your travel stories, send me an e-mail. Life is nicer with people around, right?