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Sleeping in style in Bucharest

Sleeping in style in Bucharest

Z Executive Boutique Hotel

  • Author: Valentina
  • Date Posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2012 Category:
  • Address: 4 Ion Nistor, sect 3, 030041 Bucharest, Romania; P: +34/031 140 02 00

Sleeping at a hotel in Bucharest is extremely strange for me, as I have many friends here. But so it happened that – in various occasions – I had to do it. Knowing the busy traffic in town and taking into consideration the placed I needed to be (and also the fact that I had to welcome some foreign colleagues on their first trip to Romania and wanted to produce a good impression) I chose this hotel in University Square: Z Executive Boutique Hotel.

I’ve been in boutique hotels before, but not four stars ones. This one is pretty cool: it has a romantic look – some purple velvet, laced decorations on the wall help building this impression – combined with the central location and good employees. In total, I stayed here three times, at years of difference. It was always clean, the breakfast elegant (the place near the reception is also the eating area), the bathroom big and the bed super-comfy.

Though I’m not a fan of voluptuous locations to sleep in, but of original ones, this hotel convinced me enough to recommend it

for a week-end trip to Bucharest, a business meeting or even a romantic getaway (for the big and comfy bed).

Oh, they have a spa, but I didn’t have the opportunity to try it.

The parking space might be tricky, as you have to squeeze between several other cars, but it exists. I actually impressed a Spaniard with my parking skills in that area (and he was my superior, so I might have earned points on courage and spatial orientation).

Also, the view is not bad if you get an exterior view: the official Romanian coat of arms on the Șuțu Palace, a neo-Gothic building, now hosting the Bucharest Municipal Museum. The hotel also has a rooftop terrace from which you can view the city and the beautiful renovated building of Colțea Hospital. Pretty nice!

That’s it, there’s no other story behind this hotel, but it still is a good resource for your trips to Eastern Europe. Try Pizzeria Bellini pizza place at the corner, it is totally worth it. But this is another story…

Later update: now the hotel has the most amazing sky bar in Bucharest!


Friendly warning

Book in advance, it’s always full!

Price range

57 euro/single (breakfast included)