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Hearts from the heart of Lisbon

Hearts from the heart of Lisbon

Portuguese designers fashion

  • Author: Valentina
  • Date Posted: Friday, September 21, 2012 Category:
  • Address: GDE - Galeria de Exclusivos, Rua da Rosa 195-197, Bairro Alto, Lisbon

I like to buy useful and exciting stuff from my travels. Most often, I succeed. I look for interesting objects that will fit both my aesthetic and my practical needs. The process I follow is to research (how long can you research when you stay less than 24 hours in a place, as I usually do?), identify what I would like to own, count my money (that’s a joke, as I pay with the card) and then buy.

One of the trips from where I bought a fair amount of beautiful objects was to Lisbon (work related, on top of everything, so wandering around time was more than limited). However, well, luck was on my side and I managed to come home with tons of little ‘details’ that ‘make my day’ every day.

How did I do that? Fortune stuck its nose in it, as I stayed in Bairro Alto, at the Passport Hostel. The narrow charming streets close to my accommodation place were full of little boutiques, vintage, handmade stores and designers store. As I was already in love with Lisbon – from the previous visit – the cool discovery had a stronger effect on me: I want to live there someday (sooner than later).

Until I do that, I wear my pins and brooches with great pride, answering kindly when people ask ‘where did I buy it from?’: GDE – Galeria de Exclusivos . Who wouldn’t? My red heart is the perfect accessory for a dark coat in the winter, while the colourful birds are the cute ad-on for a sad business jacket.

My favourite, though, is the brooch who states ‘I love’. It always acts as conversation starter.

‘What or who do you love?’ people ask.

I honestly answer: I love my lover and Lisbon. Easy-peasy!

Friendly warning

Take your time!

Price range

10 – 15 euros