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Craving for a burger

Craving for a burger

Looking for the perfect burger in Barcelona

  • Author: Valentina
  • Date Posted: Monday, October 27, 2014 Category:
  • Address: Sabateret st, 4, Barcelona, Spain, P: +34/933.152.093

After a day at the beach, alone and hungry, I checked my Foursquare app in search for a good burger place. As I’ve already tried Kiosko (everybody’s favourite lately), I opted for the Pim Pam Burger – in the area and with high recommendations. The GPS took me there in no time to enjoy a Pim Pam Burger Complete (bacon and egg included), together with patatas fritas (patatas casera peladas a mano) – meaning French fries manually peeled. 😀 Indeed they are, I watched the guy peeling them while I waited for my order.

As this is a story I write while at the eating place, I will take a break now to eat and get back with details soon.

The fries were the first to arrive. They were de-li-cious! The hamburger finally arrived also, but it was not what I expected. I found it a bit dry, the flavours didn’t blend well and it was not spicy (as I ordered). I had to add lots of mayonnaise to make it taste somehow…

But let’s get back to the fries: de-li-cious!

Too bad I couldn’t eat them all. Marius (my b-friend) would have loved them.

Friendly warning

Ask them to cook the meat as you like it, if not, it’s too dry. 

Price range

10 euros/person (beer included)