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A night at the Scala

A night at the Scala

Teatro alla Scala

  • Author: Valentina
  • Date Posted: Thursday, October 4, 2012 Category:
  • Address: Piazza della Scala, 20121 Milano, Italy, P: +39/02.720.3744

A few years ago, I’ve decided that I will celebrate my birthday in a very special way; that I will get to do something new and memorable. Until now, the options were fairly limited: I was travelling to a new place. This seemed to be the case that year also, as I was flying to Milan (Italy) to meet my mother, who was part of a collective painting exhibition near Luzern (Switzerland). Nothing out of the ordinary, right?

Just that so it happened, that remembering an old dream of mine, I went onto Scala di Milano website page, clicked on the day I was staying in Milan and found out there was a premiere; a ballet, not an opera. I’ve started to dream with going to the opera at Scala a few years ago, without taking any steps towards fulfilling this dream. I assumed the ticket would be worth a fortune. The place was inaugurated on August the 3rd 1778, so it’s pretty old.

Imagine my pleasant surprise when, two days before departure, I bought tickets to the new premiere of “Raymonda” (a ballet I haven’t heard about before, but about which I’ve read here) at a decent price (40 euro for good seats).

We spent the day walking around Milano (both my mother and I have seen it before, but Italy is so beautiful!). My first trip here was in 2011, when I told myself I will spend an evening inside this beautiful old opera house.

In the evening, like the ladies we were (even if I couldn’t squeeze my high heel shoes in the luggage and I had to wear my flats), we got into a cab and headed to Scala. The envelope I picked up had the Scala’s logo and my name on it, such a lovely detail!

Such a beautiful adventure it was!

We loved every minute of it: the evening gowns, the impeccable red velvet that surrounded us, and the decorations. The ballet was about Raymonda’s name day celebration (pretty appropriate, right?).

After the first act we headed to the foyer and wished ourselves all the best with the most expensive champagne I ever had in my life (13 euro/glass). But well, I only turned 38 years old once. Happy birthday to me! Another dream came through.

Friendly warning

Dress up if you don’t want to feel like Cinderella!

Price range

I pad 40 euro/ticket (and didn’t the cheapest, but at the 2nd floor)

Watch here the trayler of ‘Raymonda’