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The story of the Florence parking

The story of the Florence parking

on Thursday, July 14, 2011 in Blog | 0 comments

In which the car ‘slept’ in a super-cool place. Bet let us start this story from the beginning. It was during the road trip we took in 2011, me, Rux and Sim. We had a nice car with some new eco features. It took us some time to realise that the noise of the car engine’s stopping at every streetlight didn’t come from the other drivers’ good habits, but from our rental. Overall, we liked the car.

We arrived at Florence late at night; we were hungry and had to check in at the hotel downtown. We had a GPS, a map plus the booking instructions on how to get there. What we didn’t have was a clue on where to find a decent parking spot. On top of everything they were doing some road reparations, which left lots of streets with one way.

After a while, we gave up wandering around the Dome and eventually parked very far in an almost empty underground place. We then spent the next two days in Florence in a cheap but central hotel.

During the first day, it did cross our minds to check how much the parking with cost, but we relaxed ourselves seeing how much the other parking spots cost: pretty decent.

Once the departure day came, I got the honour to release the car from the ‘sleeping’ spot. It was 89 euro for less than 48 hours. Far more expensive than our hotel room! And we were three, not one.

Lucky car, what else is to be said?